Written by me, shown to the world - ulco.nl

In a heartbeat

my heart beats once, twice, three times
it beats a little faster everytime you cross my mind
it beats for you
and it beats true

how can you look at me and walk away?
how can I look at you and not long for you to stay?
I see the emptiness in your eyes
I know how you feel so there's no need to hide
and you can just walk away from me
after you said we were meant to be

who does your heart beat for?
do you promise him forever, or more?
do you whisper sweet nothings in his ear?
do you tell him what he wanted to hear?
do you write him notes and call him every hour?
did you promise him the future that was supposed to be ours?

but why do I complain
my love for you I can't contain
and if one day you come back on bended knee
in a heartbeat I'll say come back to me