Ulco.nl, Poem Misdirections


this would've never happened, if you had turned right instead of left
look at what you've done, you've created such a mess
I told you to stop and ask for directions
now we're lost in the middle of nowhere with no connection

I hate your fucking cellphone. It's a piece of crap
turn off this fucking music, you know I can't stand rap
what? Stop your god damn whining
shit this car has bad timing

this is all your fault. I don't wanna hear it
now all we can do is be silent and sit
no, I can't be silent. I gotta get this off my chest
I gotta put this shit to rest

I hate the way you're so fucking cold
and I have always loved you, but this shit is taking it's toll
I am glad we're stuck here, in the middle of nowhere
you wouldn't fucking listen if we were elsewhere
look, it's starting to rain
I heard somewhere it signifies pain
the rain I mean, but here I am rambling
what am I supposed to say? I am taking a chance here, I am gambling...

so where was I? Oh yeah, you're distant
so say something, don't just sit there and be silent...
see this is our problem, you're not communicating
hey look, the rain has stopped, and the cellphone works after this waiting
shit the car started

hey look, I don't want to leave you broken hearted
and I get the feeling you don't want me to stay
so I am asking for a reason, because through your fingers I am slipping
even if my heart is ripping
so I am looking at you and still you haven't said anything
you can't I ain't give you a chance, so this is it I am going

look, I am opening the car door, won't you stop me?
dammit, how can you just let this be?
I know you see the tears streaming down my face
you know I don't want to be nowhere anymore, I'd rather be someplace
you really should have turned right instead of left
now look at this mess