Ulco.nl, Poem I Miss you

I miss you

You showed me how great
Everything could be
Then you decided to leave me

I cannot believe I'll ever love one
Such like you, my heart gave into.
You showed me the power
Within one flower
Then you decided to leave me

I cannot believe I ever fell for you
as I have in a hole for one like you...
You showed me the best of my abilities
that I could over come all odds
then you decided to leave me

I just cannot understand why
I miss you so...
You showed me the world that I was blind too
I miss the way you used to hold me...
and I know now you don't even care bout me
cause I am missing you like you'll never know...

I am sad in tears like never before...
Drunk, intoxicated by beers before...
and I miss you telling me things will work out
and I miss you looking at me in your comforting way...
I have no more words left to say to you
Perhaps you think this was all a game to you

but I truly cannot say I loved anyone..
Not anyone, not nearly as much as I have for you...
And your words have left impressions upon my mind
you conditioned me till the ends of time
and you did what no one else could and

you made me see my reality is everything I could possibly want it to be..
Its missing someone...
I believe its you..
and if I had a million wishes
I would use it to have you...
but only if you wanted to...

money doesn't have to offer what you can offer me
other people are selfish and don't understand me
material things are such a waste
and you made me see that all I need is me...

But I miss you... like you'll never know and I am so sad and sorry...